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Why Source Fonio from Amaati

8 Years Years Experience in Fonio Production
Our Fonio is produced under strict hygienic conditions and highest Standard Authority
The best sand and stone free Fonio in West Africa
Our Fonio is ready to use straight away in your meal (No washing again)
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Dim Fonio Can Be Use For Both Local & Continental Meals

Fonio is the tiniest cereal in the millet family. DIM Fonio is 100% Fonio without any additives. It’s a gluten-free cereal very good for Vegans. Fonio contains high fiber, iron, amino acids, protein, Potassium among other nutrients. It’s malleable enough to be used for breakfast, lunch, and supper dishes.

Our Products

Dim Fonio from Amaati can be used for preparing both local and continental dishes

Health Benefits Of Dim Fonio

High in amino acid
Rich in protein and iron
Calcium and Zinc
Whole grain
Aids cardiovascular function
Excellent for weight loss
Aids Digestion-High fiber content
Normalizes Sugar level
Insulin secreting properties
Low glycemic index level

Join To Impact Society Effectively

Are you a philanthropist/humanitarian organization? Do you want to donate Fonio to orphanages, schools, hospitals, conflict areas, refugees, poor homes? Then let’s serve Humanity together!!!

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