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Are you a philanthropist/humanitarian organization? Do you want to donate Fonio to orphanages, schools, hospitals, conflict areas, refugees, poor homes? Then let’s serve Humanity together!!!

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We offer Fonio Products That Is:

100% Fonio without any additives. It’s a gluten free cereal very good for Vegans. Fonio contains high fiber, iron, amino acids, protein, Potassium among other nutrients. It’s malleable enough to be used for breakfast, Lunch and supper dishes.

Fonio does not contain any glutamine or gladding proteins which are the constituents of gluten, making this cereal suitable for people with gluten intolerance. 

DIM Fonio is very versatile, it can be used for various dishes from main dishes to side dishes, desserts among others. Fonio BEING referred to as the tastiest cereal ever has not been overemphasized, check out our video recipes and prepare yourself a healthier meal. 

Who Can Eat Fonio?

Our Fonio is 100%  free from addictives that make’s it very tasty and healthy, and everybody likes it

Amaati fonio is also loved By:

1. Diabetics

DIM Fonio is good for diabetics because of its key insulin properties and low glycemic index that keep sugar levels normalized. Research indicates that Fonio contains dietary fibers capable of slowing the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, preventing rises in blood glucose; increases tissue cells’ sensitivity to insulin, preventing the excessive secretion of insulin; and improving uptake of glucose, therefore preventing a sustained elevation in blood sugar (Traore, 2011).

2. Children

Children like to eat Fonio because of its unique taste. Regarded as the tastiest cereal available, children adopt it very quickly. However, parents buy DIM Fonio for their kids because of the high nutrient level of iron, amino acids, and carbohydrate that will keep them nourished for a healthy active life.

2. Pregnant and Lactating Mothers

They Consume DIM Fonio because of its iron and Fiber level which keeps them nourished and less constipated.  Breastfeeding mothers eat DIM Fonio because it is believed that Fonio stimulates the formation of breast milk, although this belief has not yet been substantiated through research. 

3. Vegetarians

Fonio contains high levels of iron and protein and can provide vegans with the right amount of nutrients they need daily to boost their nutrition.

4. Obese

This group identifies with Fonio because of its high fiber and low-fat levels. They believe consuming small quantities of Fonio keeps them full for longer hours and allows them to drink more water. They believe these properties help them control their weight.

Who can eat fonio

Our Awards and Recognitions

We are known for empowering women, reviving degraded lands, and fighting climate changes in Ghana, West Africa that is why we have been honored by these organizations

Why Source Fonio from Amaati

8 Years Years Experience in Fonio Production
Our Fonio is produced under strict hygienic conditions and highest Standard Authority
The best sand and stone free Fonio in West Africa
Our Fonio is ready to use straight away in your meal (No washing again)

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