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Buy DIM Fonio 25Kg is very versatile, it can be used for various dishes from main dishes to side dishes, desserts among others. Fonio BEING referred to as the tastiest cereal ever has not been overemphasized, check out our video recipes and prepare yourself a healthier meal. 

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DIM FONIO 25Kg is the largest package of Fonio Cereal is the tiniest cereal in the millet family. DIM Fonio is 100% Fonio without any additives. It’s a gluten-free cereal very good for Vegans. Fonio contains high fiber, iron, amino acids, protein, Potassium among other nutrients. It’s malleable enough to be used for breakfast, Lunch and supper dishes.

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Weight 25 kg
Health Benefits

Aids cardiovascular function
Excellent for weight loss
Aids Digestion-High fiber content
Normalizes Sugar level
Insulin secreting properties
Low glycemic index level


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